I've never done a link up so this is definitely poppin' my cherry right. And what a better link up than one sponsored by eight uber cool mamas? Today - is my first business day of maternity leave - what a cool, relaxing, do nothing, snow in the sky, extra long shower, shaved my legs, bored out of my mind but had a great lunch with my husband even though my hips are about to explode day. At 38.6 weeks pregnant what do I have to lose? Let's throw caution to the wind and participate in a linkup!

So these eight awesome ladies are hosting the linkup:

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  7. Bridget of Tales of Me and the Husband
  8. Isobel of Holdenonbaby
They're all posting about their Mama Style and giving tips on how to keep your individuality in a world of mom wardrobe casualties. Now at almost 39 weeks pregnant I'm not sure I'm qualified to be giving style advice, heck before pregnancy I don't think I was qualified. But alas - taking a chance and hoping you'll enjoy my recount of the last few months of what I call my prego-mama-style. 

When I stopped breastfeeding Luna at 17 and a half months old, and 5 months pregnant with #2 I was excited to get back in tops that I didn't have to worry about unbuttoning, pulling up, or pulling down to nurse. I no longer had nursing to hold me back but it was already showtime for my growing baby bump and I had another roadblock in my way. 

Some of my go to pieces for this pregnancy:

Stretchy, Fitted, Skinny Jeans : Until my ninth month I stayed in non maternity jeans and just went up a size. I found the best pair of Calvin Klein skinny legging jeans that were thick, stretchy, and dark to help slim my burgeoning waist and thighs. When I could no longer button them comfortably I left them open and used a bella band and long tanks to disguise my MacGyver hair elastic over the button maneuver tricks. Once this was no longer comfortable I switched to a really good pair of maternity skinny jeans. 

Extended Tanks: Target usually has these on sale in all different colors and patterns. I go up a size to fit my belly and know these will also come in handy in a few days after the baby for nursing and lounging. The longer body helps with the above noted jean setup and with my elevated body temp the tank and sweater combo is the perfect getup. 

Oversized Tees and Flowy Tops: Perfect for bump coverage and even breastfeeding friendly for those that are still nursing. I stole numerous white tees from Travis and scoured the sales racks at Forever 21 for dresses that I would layer as tops over jeans. Every once in a while I would find some light, gauzy, tropical or tribal inspired tops at a local boutique or thrifting that were slightly oversized and perfect.

Cardigans, Shawls, Sweaters in General: I recently stood back and took stock of all the sweaters I currently own and was overwhelmed. I've been trying to minimize my wardrobe but I honestly wear each and every one of these babies. No matter the color, knit, or style as long as it opened in front and could fit around my belly it was a great asset to my daily uniform in the last three months. I love being cozy and a good sweater makes that possible whether your napping in your bed, cooking in the kitchen, playing on the floor with your kids, or slaving away at a desk in the office. 

Shoes: Heels, boots, flats they all matter. I tried to keep my style in check this pregnancy with wedged boots and heels weather permitting. On the weekends while running errands I still kept it casual with ankle boots or my good old moccasins. This summer I thoroughly avoided the flip flop in exchange for some new sandals and flats. 

A Good Jacket: I invested in some new jackets last year. A thrifted denim jacket and two winter coats gifted from my husband. When these 3 no longer fit my growing bump I recently I stole an old army jacket from Travis. It's light enough that I don't get overheated while still protecting me from the outer elements while fitting over my oversized sweaters. 

Accessories: I try to add a little icing to the cake with accessories  I'm not a huge jewelry gal and after my wedding rings no longer fit I rely on sunglasses, scarves, a few light necklaces, and a really good handbag to accessorize my outfit. My baby bag is the all leather Knocked Up by Rebecca Minkoff and just a few weeks ago at Christmas Travis gifted me with another Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag in Sage. 

Well, that's all I got really. I'm not the most stylish, but this style is mine. It's minimal, and comfy, and spattered with trend and thrift mixed well. Its cheap and luxurious a combination my up and down budget can afford. It accommodated my bump and in just a few days will soon again be breastfeeding friendly. I'll live in maxi dresses and sweaters, barefoot and sleepy, and get my act together when I'm once again ready to leave the house with my sweet little newborn girl.


  1. you are so cute. :) i loved this post. xo.

  2. I think you have great style! Such a cute mama :)
    P.S.-I too rely on my good ol' moccasins, for most outfits!

  3. You are such a stylish mama!
    and pretty, too!

    I came across your blog through Mama Style Link Up. Hope you can visit my blog.


  4. LOve that bag !!


  5. You in the black dress - va va voom! I love your sweaters too!

  6. Yay, cute bump!! I'm 24 weeks along with my first. It's pretty amazing to see your own belly grow in such a way. You look beautiful pregnant by the way :)

  7. Um. You are beautiful! You can rock a bun in the oven like no one else. And I have that tribal sweater jacket thing. I get so many compliments on it. Great minds dress alike ;]

  8. love your style! you are such a pretty preggo lady!

  9. Weird Q: I just started reading your blog and saw you breastfed while you were prego. Did you daughter ever stop. I am worried that my LO will wean herself (ppl say milk changes taste). She is 9 months and I really want to go as long as possible. Any tips or tricks?

  10. lovely bump. i love your outfits and glad casey chose your :)

  11. Very cute! I just found your blog it is great!

  12. Love your bump! Man you are good at documenting- i need to start taking more than a weekly photo :)


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