We have these scottish bulls diagonal from our house. When we first moved in, I for sure thought they were raised for food - but nope turns out they're just some nice old man's pets. So Luna and I walk over there a few nights a week and take a peek. They're loud and grunty, and drool, and but they're so mammoth like and cool to look at its hard to resist. So of course, we took a walk down there last weekend  (Luna in her jammies) to show O and Cait our neighborly bulls. Since I had Luna just smashed my iPhone screen that afternoon and my new one was setting up - I broke out my old Kodak digital camera - what a blast from the past to use a real camera.

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  1. OH my they are legit bulls! Like the ones you run from! I thought they were bull dogs (when I first started reading) and was wondering why the guy would raise them to eat them ha ha (sorry tired mama brain) I love your pictures!!! Luna and O together are ADORABLE :-) always brings a smile to my heart


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